Leading Centre for Quality Teaching and Learning in Special Educational Needs

To promote and enhance the quality of special educational needs practices among SEAMEO Members countries

Training and Capacity Development

Provides training to educators, parents, and other support groups in special education. Conducts evaluation on the effectiveness of the in-service development programs in special education. Organizes international seminars, workshops, and conventions on special education.

Research and Innovation

Identifies and conducts research on special education. Work with local and international agencies in special education, and be a referral point for other agencies in special education research. Documents all papers and reports on special education studies and disseminates this information to various local and international relevant agencies.

Strategic Planning & Communication

The Strategic Planning & Communication Division (SPCD) has been established in line with the SEAMEO SEN transformation plan to allow greater diversity and versatility in delivering its mandates. The unit plays a supporting role in consolidating the programs and activities of the three (3) divisions within the center.


The focus of management activities is mainly on internal capacity building. Various programmes and activities are initiated to improve the staff performance and the organisation apart from ensuring that support services are administered effectively and efficiently in administrative management, human resources and financial management to achieve the vision and mission of SEAMEO SEN.