Climate Science Literacy in support of the Sustainable Development Goals

Climate Science Literacy Event (31 March 2022)


We would like to invite you to join us at the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development 2022 (APFSD) online side event on Climate Science Literacy in Asia-Pacific, which takes place on 31 March 2022, 12:45–13:45 (GMT+7) online on Zoom.

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The side event, which is organized as part of the 9th APFSD, is providing a space to discuss Climate Science Literacy as critically important for ensuring that we all speak with the same vocabulary and build on science-based knowledge when addressing climate issues.

As you are aware, climate change poses a threat to global peace, economic development, and the future of the planet, and Asia-Pacific countries are currently far off target of climate-related SDGs. To achieve climate-related SDGs, including SDGs 13, 14, and 15, major progress in increasing public awareness, attaining relevant policy adjustments, and directing economic refocus is required.

To increase Climate Science Literacy across the Asia-Pacific, the United Nations in Asia-Pacific, through a joint UN working group under the umbrella of the Issue-Based Coalition (IBC) on Building Resilience and the IBC on Climate Change Mitigation and Air Pollution, is building climate science literacy among the public.

Online side event on Climate Science Literacy in Asia-Pacific:

Time (BKK)AgendaSpeaker
12:45–12:55Opening of side event

Welcoming remarks
Mr Aoyagi Shigeru, Director, Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, UNESCO Bangkok
Dr Dechen Tsering, UNEP Regional Director and Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific,
Mr Kaveh Zahedi, Deputy Executive Secretary for Sustainable Development, UNESCAP (TBC)
12:55–13:00Youth SpeakerTBC
13:00–13:15Kick-off presentation of Climate Science Literacy Materials (Posters + Videos)
Digital walk-through of exhibition (TBC)
Mr Benjamin Korff

Mr Henning Schwarze (TBC)
13:15–13:35Plenary DiscussionModerator (TBC):
Mr Benno Boer
Ms Rika Yorozu
13:35–13:45ClosingMr Aoyagi Shigeru, Director, Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, UNESCO Bangkok
Climate Science Literacy Cover Poster

During the side event, a series of climate science literacy materials (poster series, video clips, social media graphics) will be launched, as well as complementary efforts addressing the importance of climate science literacy and ways to enhance the public’s literacy, will be discussed among panelists and participants.

Come join us at the event!