“Anyone Can Make a Game” Game Development On‐line Training for Students  

On the occasion of SEAMEO 50th Anniversary in 2015, a project entitled SEAMEO 50×3 Schools’ Network was developed with its aims to leverage capacity of school leaders, teachers, and students through capacity development programmes and other contributions from 21 SEAMEO Regional Centres, SEAMEO stakeholders, and partners.

The SEAMEO Schools’ Network also enables the participating schools to help each others, share practices and experiences that are useful to students and teachers towards the quality of education.

To develop Southeast Asian students to be equipped with advanced ICT skills, problem‐solving, creativity, teamwork, and communication, the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Secretariat (SEAMEO Secretariat) will organise a Game Development On‐line

Training for Students  “Anyone Can Make a Game” during 13 February‐ 6 April 2017 with free of charge. This training course will be conducted through online by using the webex platform – 2 hours/week for a training session, and 1 hour/week for a consultative session, totaling 16 hours for training sessions and 8 hours for consultative sessions.

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