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Venue : SEAMEO SEN, Melaka
Date : 16 February 2016
Delegates :

Dr Yasmin binti Hussain ( Director of SEAMEO SEN )
Dr Kway Eng Hock ( Deputy Director of SEAMEO SEN )
Dr Irdika Mansur ( Director of SEAMEO BIOTROP )
Dr Jess C Fernandez ( Deputy Director for Program SEAMEO BIOTROP )
Ir Sri Renani Pantjastuti ( Director of Special Education Development & Service Ministry Of Education And Culture, Indonesia )

Summary :

SEAMEO Regional Centre for Special Education (SEAMEO SEN) and SEAMEO BIOTROP agreed to collaborate to build capacities of special eduation teachers in Indonesia on agricultural and livehood generation.

The idea of the collaboration aims to enable special education teachers to impart agricultural production and livelihood generation knowledge and skills to their students with special needs to become productive and self-reliant citizens. The collaborations would also involve repackaging of BIOTROP’s printed materials on its technologies to be user-friendly for people who have special needs and maximizing the use of geospatial information system (GIS) to map out children with special education schools in Bogor and nearby districts.