International Symposium – New Directions In Higher Education For The Development Of Global Human Resources Launching AIMS Programme in Japan

Venue: International Congress Centre: EPOCHAL Tsukuba, Japan
Date: 21 February 2014
Organizers: University of Tsukuba and SEAMEO RIHED


  • Year 2013 marked the entrance of Japan to the AIMS (ASEAN International Mobility of Students) Programme, which is expanding to include more countries in the region.
  • The event serves as a platform from where to further consolidate the AIMS Programme for Japanese Universities; while enhancing stronger partnerships with their counterparts in Southeast Asia.
  • The symposium brings together key stakeholders to discuss issues of common interest in the regionalization of higher education and the cultivation of global human resources. This includes recent developments in the program and sharing of good practices in the strategies towards the multilateral exchange of students among ASEAN member countries and Japan.
  • This event is organized back-to-back with the international symposium taking place on 22 February under the name of Bridging the ASEAN Community and Japan through Education, which seeks to enhance channels for cooperation on education between Japan and SEAMEO focusing on common trends and policies and the role of the SEAMEO College.

Target Groups:

The following groups were invited to deepen their understanding about internationalization of higher education

  • Japanese and foreign universities participating in the AIMS Programme
  • Experts in higher education and international relation officers
  • Teachers, students, the media and general public

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