The regular courses, which are designed to address the needs of teachers and educators from the SEAMEO member countries, are stimulating, creative and responsive in meeting their professional needs. The topics of the four-week courses are determined in consultation with all member countries through strategic planning workshops that serve to assess past performances and identify emerging trends, and principal lines of action for educational development. The features that characterizes SEAMEO SEN’s regular courses are courses that are designed to meet the challenges of 21st century living skills, global citizenship and education necessities and trends in Special Education field that fits the framework of Post 2015 Education scenarios and Post EFA Education Agenda in Southeast Asia. The Multiplier Effect (education equals decent job) is part of the requirement of the course which encourages knowledge and skills learnt during the course to be propagated and shared among fellow educators when the participants return to their respective countries.

The Centre is prepared to conduct courses in the following areas of expertise:

  • Action Research
  • Inclusive Education
  • Transition Program from School to Career
  • Dietary Food Preparation and Food Technology for Special Education
  • Autism

The general guidelines for conducting regular courses are as follows:

  • There are two courses planned for each of fiscal year in first five-year strategic plan
  • Participants of the course, selected by their respective Ministries of Education are awarded the scholarships sponsored by Government of Malaysia.
  • English is used as the medium of instruction in all courses. As such, all participants must have a good working knowledge of spoken and written English in order to get the maximum benefit out of the courses.
  • Additional qualifications required of the participants are described in the annexures of the respective courses.
  • In order to enhance the impact of the regular courses, it is suggested that the nominated participants are key personnel who are/will be likely to affect considerable multiplier effects upon their return to their respective positions.
  • Member countries are welcome to send fee-paying participants for the regular courses.
  • At the end of the course, the participants are awarded a certificate of attendance. They will be awarded another certificate upon completing the multiplier effect criteria after the course.

List of Regular Courses: