Warmest greeting from SEAMEO Regional Centre for Special Educational Needs (SEAMEO SEN), Malaysia.

It is our pleasure to inform that SEAMEO SEN, Malaysia is calling for research proposals under its Research and Innovation Division activities.

Interested applicants are invited to submit your research proposal by 22nd May 2022.

  1. Proposed Research Topic

Learning Poverty Among Learners with Disabilities in Southeast Asia

  1. Scope

The World Bank urged the global communities to combat and reduce the Learning Poverty global rate in middle- and low-income countries which is currently at an alarming rate (UNESCO, 2019). Learning Poverty refers to children of age 10 years old who are still unable to read (World Bank, 2019). In contrary to the challenges faced by typical learners, Learners with Disabilities (LWD) often face additional challenges in learning which require different or additional support to meet their learning needs (Department for Education-UK, 2017).

Every country, in its most basic education law was design to recognize and protect the rights to education for individuals in a fair and equitable way. These laws are integral elements in introducing education policies which includes policies supporting LWD (Rodriguez and Murawski, 2022). However, in some cases, there are policies that are well-intentioned but ineffective in achieving what is intended (Kauffman et. al., 2021).

It is reported that an estimation of 50% of learners worldwide were affected with the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic (UNESCO, 2020). LWD being the category of learners which requires substantial learning supports were also equally affected as typical learners (Cohen and Kupferschmidt, 2020), in some cases LWD are not able to participate at all in remote learning due to accessibility challenges (Garbe, Ogurlu and Logan, 2020).

SEAMEO SEN is looking for researchers to undertake a research topic on Learning Poverty Among Learners with Disabilities in Southeast Asia in eleven (11) SEAMEO Member Countries (i.e. Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste and Vietnam).

SEAMEO SEN expects the output of the research will provide a baseline evidence of learning poverty among LWD which will provide better understanding to the center in strategizing and planning its activities and programmes.

Appointed Researcher is expected to submit a complete research report, Policy Brief paper and publish an article in indexed journal.

  1. Research Timeline:

This research is expected to take up to a maximum 18 months. Specifications of research milestones shall be discussed and agreed during the research proposal review session.

  1. Research Funding

The research will be funded by SEAMEO SEN research grant award. All research proposal must include a detailed expected financial implication which will be deliberated.

  1. Eligibility

Submission is open to researchers from any local and international higher learning institutions. Each proposal must have a Lead Applicant who will be subject to the general terms and conditions for granting.

Lead Applicants who are currently engaged with on-going research project(s) with SEAMEO SEN are NOT ELIGIBLE for this Call for Proposal.

The lead applicant is required to have:

  • Master or Doctoral Degree in Education or in related fields;
  • Degree specialization in Education, Special Education and Inclusive Education is an advantage;
  • Appointment with a local or international higher learning institution for (at least) the duration of proposed research project;
  • Excellent analytical and written skills;
  • Good planning and organizational skills;
  • Proficient command of English.
  1. Proposal Submission

The Research Proposal must be written in English and shall be presented clearly and submitted together with the following:

  1. Proposed research financial implications and Gantt chart
  2. Curriculum vitae of the lead applicant and potential research team member(s)
  3. Other relevant materials to support the proposal

All submissions must be sent via

An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to Lead Applicant once the proposal has been received by the Research Committee. All applicants are advised to adhere to the submission requirements therein, submissions that do not fulfil the requirements shall be disqualified.

For enquiries, kindly email us at and copied to and please write the title “Enquiry: Research Proposal Learning Poverty Among Learners with Disabilities in Southeast Asia”

WHO QualityRights e-training Launch Event (12 April)

Dear colleagues and friends,

WHO is pleased to announce that the response to the 12 April launch of the WHO Global Launch of the WHO QualityRights e-training to advance mental health, eliminate stigma and promote community inclusion was overwhelmingly positive. The launch, which was viewed by around 3000 people, received significant attention in social media and we have also received many positive comments and feedback from individuals from all corners of the world.



As our Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has stated, WHO has set an ambitious target for this global e-training and rollout campaign: five million learners having completed the e-training by the end of 2024.

We therefore encourage you to do the e-training and share the above QualityRights e-training link far and wide, to your networks, staff, colleagues, families and friends.

Finally a big thank you to you all for your interest and commitment to this area of work, and to helping advance mental health, eliminate stigma and promote community inclusion everywhere.

JAWATAN KOSONG Pekerja Sambilan Harian (PSH) Pembantu Projek SEN29 SEAMEO SEN

SEAMEO SEN ingin mempelawa Warganegara Malaysia yang berkelayakan bagi mengisi segera kekosongan Pekerja Sambilan Harian (PSH) di SEAMEO SEN bagi jawatan seperti berikut:-

Jawatan                                 : Pembantu Projek Gred SEN29

Bil. Kekosongan                  : 1

Klasifikasi Perkhidmatan   : Pekerja Sambilan Harian (PSH)

Kadar Upah                           : RM 72.00/ Hari

Tempoh                                 : Maksimum 6 Bulan (3 Bulan + 3 Bulan)


Calon bagi lantikan hendaklah memiliki kelayakan seperti berikut:

  1. Warganegara Malaysia;
  2. Berumur tidak kurang dari 18 tahun pada tarikh tutup iklan jawatan dan mempunyai kelayakan berikut;
  3. Diploma dalam bidang berkaitan yang diiktiraf oleh Kerajaan daripada institusi pengajian tinggi tempatan atau kelayakan yang diiktiraf setaraf dengannya; (Calon yang mempunyai kelayakan akademik dalam Diploma Teknologi Maklumat / Sains Komputer adalah satu kelebihan)
  4. Berkebolehan bertutur, membaca dan menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Inggeris dengan baik;
  5. Boleh bekerja secara individu dan berkumpulan dalam menyelesaikan tugasan yang diarahkan mengikut garis masa kerja yang ditetapkan;
  6. Bersedia menerima arahan kerja lebih masa sekiranya diperlukan;
  7. Boleh bekerja di bawah pengawasan yang minima;
  8. Komited dalam tugas yang akan diberikan;


Membantu Research Associate dalam melaksanakan pengurusan penyediaan bahan penerbitan (dalam talian dan hardcopy) mengikut garis masa ditetapkan:

  1. Membuat formatting dan editing artikel
  2. Merekod maklumat penulis dan artikel ke dalam sistem
  3. Memuat naik Artikel dalam laman sesawang
  4. Membuat formatting, editing dan penyusunan artikel ke dalam buku

Tempoh Perkhidmatan       : 1 Julai 2022 hingga 31 Disember 2022

Klasifikasi Perkhidmatan   : Pekerja Sambilan Harian (PSH)


Calon yang berminat, sila kemukakan Surat permohonan, Curriculum Vitae (CV) dan salinan Sijil Akademik anda kepada Bahagian Penyelidikan dan Inovasi SEAMEO SEN melalui pautan


Calon yang tidak dihubungi dalam tempoh satu (1) bulan dari tarikh tutup iklan, adalah dianggap TIDAK BERJAYA


Sebarang permasalahan atau persoalan berhubung iklan ini bolehlah diajukan kepada pegawai berikut:

  1. Mohd Zulkarnain Abdul Wahab

No Tel        : 012-9700166

Emel          :

2. Mohd Anis Abdul Razak

No Tel        : 011-18763884

Emel          :

Nota: Pelajar Universiti yang akan menjalani Latihan Industri juga layak memohon berdasarkan tempoh perkhidmatan yang dinyatakan di atas.   

Webinar on Climate Change and Girls’ Education in ASEAN, 8 April 17.00 GMT+7

Climate change and girls’ education in ASEAN – a vicious or a virtuous circle?

Climate change and girls’ education, how are these connected? Join us to hear how the impacts of climate change, education and gender equality influence each other, how you can support your Secondary students to make those connections with our newly launched ‘Climate change and girls’ education: School resource pack’ as well as share ideas on how to engage teachers and students to take part in the ASEAN wide infographic poster competition.

Poster of Webinar on Climate Change and Girls’ Education in ASEAN

Date and time: 8 April 2022, 17:00 GMT+7

Free registration to join the event via

Download the Climate change and girls’ education resource pack in English here:


1. Helga Stellmacher, Country director, British Council Thailand

2. Christina Kwauk, Research director, Unbounded Associates

3. Tran Thi Nguyen, Secondary teacher (Biology), Dong Phu school, Vietnam

4. Kittirong Boonkong, Educational supervisor, Secondary Educational Service Area Office Nong Kai, Thailand

5. Atitaya Philaikul , Secondary teacher (English), Satrichaiyaphum school, Thailand

Moderator: Benjaporn Phomahad, Programme manager, British Council Thailand

 #TheClimateConnection #CCGE

For any enquiries please contact: